My blogging goals in 2016

I have found this kind of blog on my WordPress dashboard and I thought “Hey, that’s good thing to write about …”. So here I am. But now I’m really thinking what do I want to achieve in blogging. I’m pretty simple person so these goals might seem simple or obvious, but I’m hitting the keys, right? They are simple because it’s simple to do them and they are obvious because I guess almost every blogger would like to do that, but maybe this post will help me to reach these goals.

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Serious blogging on tumblr?

I’m not a hard blogger (hope I can call myself like this). I don’t post everyday, I don’t watch number of visits everyday. My blogging started on Blogger platform (the one by Google). I have one blog there, nothing super awesome, it’s more “get help” blog, so there are few visitors, but most of them are random people looking for help.

My first post on tumblr hit the floor in may 2013. It was serious one, I wanted to help. The whole blog was made as English version of the one on Blogger (that is not in English). After a while, I started to post little personal stuff. Not like the number of times I went to the toilet. Just stories or photos from my life, that might be interesting. Now I realize, that this was a sign of the idea I wanna talk about right now.

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I’m trying this again

And what exactly am I trying again? To start a blog. I have tried so many times. And I have always failed. The worst part is that I’m not sure why. Is it because I don’t write in my native language and my English sucks and it hurts your eyes when you read it? Or maybe my posts are boring and nobody cares about them? As I think about it, this is another boring kinda introduction post (I always start with it). The last thing that comes to my mind is this free domain, so nobody even finds this blog. Well, I can try anyway (again).

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