Hello, it’s me… GNOME

Yesterday, Mark Shuttleworth posted a blog post about this change, that is going to happen with Ubuntu as we know it now. And the big change is, that starting with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, we have to say goodbye to Unity and say welcome to GNOME. Yes, you heard it. The loved and hated Unity desktop is going to be replaced. This change also involves no other investment in phones and convergence. Or as Mark would say:

I’m writing to let you know that we will end our investment in Unity8, the phone and convergence shell. We will shift our default Ubuntu desktop back to GNOME for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

I won’t write more quotes from the post itself, you can just click the link and read it. But I’ll write some of my thoughts about this decision.

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My Linux story

It was year 2010. Story starts with me running across this Linux and Ubuntu later on. So yeah, Ubuntu was my first Linux distribution. And since it was year 2010, it was Ubuntu 10.10 (maybe 10.04, not sure about that). Ubuntu used Gnome 2 back then. As I’m thinking back, I must have been really patient. Not sure whether it was old kernel, old Ubuntu or just my shitty laptop, but not everything worked as it should. I can remember, that my laptop (or CPU to be more specific) used to run hot, really hot… I mean more than 70° when idle. And I also remember how surprised I was, when I had bought new laptop, that did not have AMD CPU and the temperature was suddenly around 50°.

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Thoughts on Ubuntu Phone OTA-10 update

New update for Ubuntu Phone came out few days ago. So I thought, that I could finally write something here. So here are some of my thoughts on some of the parts of the update. I also came up with this thing in my head. I’m going to ask very simple question after each Ubuntu Phone update: “Would I give Ubuntu Phone to my parents to use it as everyday phone?“. I guess that Canonical is not aiming their phones just on more technical users, so my parents are great example.

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[Kinda reaction] Using open source to preserve privacy and security in online world

The more I start using Linux, the more I’m into Linux stuff. The new thing I have is listening to Linux audio podcasts. I realized, that I like to hear other people’s opinion. And also, since I have been thinking about starting my own podcast, get some ideas maybe. And I heard in one of the podcasts a mention about open source and security and privacy. I don’t mean to say, that authors of the podcast forgot about this or don’t know about this. I just want to write something like reaction to what I heard in the podcast or my addition to what I heard. Something I would add if I was in the podcast, even it would probably need a whole episode for that. I also put a little backstory there.

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KDE Plasma and me

I have been using Linux system, especially the ones based on Debian or Ubuntu, for 5 years. I went from good old Gnome 2 through XFCE to Unity. But I always avoided KDE. To be honest, I have never tried it. I had just looked at videos and screenshots and I did not like it. The look reminded me too much of Windows and it was heavier on system resources. But KDE Plasma 5 came. And I think I have changed my mind.

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Serious blogging on tumblr?

I’m not a hard blogger (hope I can call myself like this). I don’t post everyday, I don’t watch number of visits everyday. My blogging started on Blogger platform (the one by Google). I have one blog there, nothing super awesome, it’s more “get help” blog, so there are few visitors, but most of them are random people looking for help.

My first post on tumblr hit the floor in may 2013. It was serious one, I wanted to help. The whole blog was made as English version of the one on Blogger (that is not in English). After a while, I started to post little personal stuff. Not like the number of times I went to the toilet. Just stories or photos from my life, that might be interesting. Now I realize, that this was a sign of the idea I wanna talk about right now.

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