I played ‘Life Is Strange’

Warning: Spoilers may appear in this post!

It was Monday I think, when I was watching PewDiePie’s video, where he mentioned, that he had never cried in a video. After that statement, he cuts it into his video of ‘The Walking Dead’ gameplay, where he actually cries. In that moment, I got into mood to play a game with strong story based on the decisions you make. I even did not have to Google anything. I heard about ‘Life Is Strange’ before and I was ready to try it.

So, I opened up Steam and installed Episode 1 (it was free). I won’t comment about graphics, because my laptop is not capable of running the game at the highest details.

In short: Game tells a story about girl called Max (Maxine), who attends art class at Blackwell Academy. One day in school, she accidentaly discovers, that she has a super power – she can rewind time.

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