I played ‘Life Is Strange’

Warning: Spoilers may appear in this post!

It was Monday I think, when I was watching PewDiePie’s video, where he mentioned, that he had never cried in a video. After that statement, he cuts it into his video of ‘The Walking Dead’ gameplay, where he actually cries. In that moment, I got into mood to play a game with strong story based on the decisions you make. I even did not have to Google anything. I heard about ‘Life Is Strange’ before and I was ready to try it.

So, I opened up Steam and installed Episode 1 (it was free). I won’t comment about graphics, because my laptop is not capable of running the game at the highest details.

In short: Game tells a story about girl called Max (Maxine), who attends art class at Blackwell Academy. One day in school, she accidentaly discovers, that she has a super power – she can rewind time.

At the beginning, you are introduced into game controls and basics. It took me like 10 seconds to understand the controls (I was confused about the arrow pointing to an object). Nothing hard, classics, WASD keys and mouse (if you are playing on PC without a controller). Game is more “cinematic” based. It’s almost like an interactive movie (great idea alert!). Story is indeed interesting. Girl who can rewind time. Problem is, that she wants to help everybody and that may pay back. I won’t go through all of my decision, let’s just do few of them (the ones I manage to remember):

  • I did not tell the principal about Nathan waving a gun in girl’s bathroom
  • I did not laugh at Victoria being covered in paint
  • (unfortunately) I did not manage to save Kate
  • I did not killed Chloe, when she asked me for that (when she was paralyzed)
  • I decided to sacrifice Chloe (hardest decision for me)

After I finished Episode 1, I had to buy the rest. As I kept playing and Max kept rewinding time, I thought to myself: “This can’t go on and on without consequences …”. I mean, I have watched Project Almanac.

The first kind of a weird “What?!” came, when Max got back in time through a photo. It was maybe too much, but I let it go and kept playing. And when I saved her father, I thought again: “This will have some impact.”. And when Max saw Chloe for the first time after saving her dad, I knew she would be in a wheelchair. And she really was. Don’t ask me why, I just knew. I “predicted” few more things, but I did not thought, that Mr. Jefferson would be the bad guy.

Everything was going great, except the last few minutes of 5th episode. I mean, that weird dreaming or whatever it was … again … too much I would say.

Now – did I cry? I did not. Which is quite disappointing. I can cry, trust me. Most of the time, it happened, when the movie was too good, too touching. And that is exactly what I expected of this game – to make me cry. Unfortunately, it did not. Of course I felt sorry for Max, I did not want to kill Chloe, but it felt like the right decision to do. It would be too selfish to kill all the people.

Last question – will I ever play it again? I think I could. I would say, that everyone who has played this game is interested: “What would happen, if I made that decision differently?”. I personally think, that any decision you make will always lead you to the same one – sacrifice Chloe or the city.


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