My Linux story

It was year 2010. Story starts with me running across this Linux and Ubuntu later on. So yeah, Ubuntu was my first Linux distribution. And since it was year 2010, it was Ubuntu 10.10 (maybe 10.04, not sure about that). Ubuntu used Gnome 2 back then. As I’m thinking back, I must have been really patient. Not sure whether it was old kernel, old Ubuntu or just my shitty laptop, but not everything worked as it should. I can remember, that my laptop (or CPU to be more specific) used to run hot, really hot… I mean more than 70° when idle. And I also remember how surprised I was, when I had bought new laptop, that did not have AMD CPU and the temperature was suddenly around 50°.

But let’s go back to the story.

Well… ehm… Not sure if there is anything more to talk about. As I was using it more and more, I started to go deeper and deeper. I started to like the level of customization, which Linux offered. Thanks to Linux I even started using Terminal more. This helped me in school later on. I sticked with Ubuntu. I just tried more desktop environments (DE). My second most used DE was probably XFCE, especially around times, when Canonical started with Unity.

I tried Arch Linux once. Even though I consider myself being ‘power user’, I think I just don’t see Arch’s advantages as advantages for me. I have no problem looking for solutions and fixing problems (I worked as a PC support) – so that is not the reason, and I’m in no need for the latest software right now (it might come later, one can never know). And I have no problem with APT, plus snaps are coming.

And my excitement about Linux has kept growing.

Here we are now in 2016 and I’m writing this on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04). I even managed to completely get rid of Windows partition this year. And I don’t miss it. I can do everything I need on Linux. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t just browse the Internet. I use Linux for my everyday school work, which includes programming for example (I study informatics), working with all sorts of graphic design software (from Gimp to Blender). I can even play games on Linux, that’s right Windows gamers – in your face!

And at last, screenshots of my desktop (one with all the windows minimized and one busy while working on this post).


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