Thoughts on Ubuntu Phone OTA-10 update

New update for Ubuntu Phone came out few days ago. So I thought, that I could finally write something here. So here are some of my thoughts on some of the parts of the update. I also came up with this thing in my head. I’m going to ask very simple question after each Ubuntu Phone update: “Would I give Ubuntu Phone to my parents to use it as everyday phone?“. I guess that Canonical is not aiming their phones just on more technical users, so my parents are great example.

New colour palette

Well, this is the change I have noticed right away. Unfortunately, I was not happy about it. What I have noticed is, that some of the parts that were orange or green have changed to this blue. I’m no graphic designer, but it just does not feel ok to me. It does not seem … ehmm, unified I guess. It just feels like it’s from two different designs. Simple example comes from Ubuntu Store. Go ahead, just try it yourself: When the app is not installed, the “Install” button is in the nice orange color; After you hit Install, the progress but changes the color to the new blue one. And then the “Open” button is orange again. What is up with that?

Multiple audio routing and volume fixes

I hope I understand what is exactly behind this, but I have noticed some changes in volume control since this update. It seems to me like volume for each application works better now. Before that, my phone started ringing so loudly (when I got a phone call), that I almost peed my pants. And it was all because the volume was suddenly too high from my last (headphone) music listening.

Minor improvement of application startup smoothness

I can confirm that. But sadly, not with all the applications I have on my phone. Some of them do startup little bit faster, but not all of them. I would say, all those important ones stayed in the same position – that I rather keep them opened.

Changes to visuals in the messaging-app, audio/video attachments for MMS

Again, not sure what is that exactly, but I have noticed, that “pictures” for contacts have changed (of course just for those you don’t have your custom photo for). Sadly, I feel like it made the left-swiped spread of all opened applications less smooth. When I close apps like Phone and Messages, it feels good again. But it might be just my feeling.

Now, for the answer on that question? Would I give the phone to my parents? No I would not. I do like the system, but I don’t think it is ready to go for simple users. I don’t think they could live with those little glitches Ubuntu OS still has.


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