[Possible spoilers] My (short) thoughts on the new Star Wars movie

I’m not a hardcore Star Wars fan (I mean the one who dresses up as Chewie for Comic Con). But I do love the movies so I was pretty excited about seeing The Force Awakens. I bought tickets the moment they got on sale. After the premier I tried to avoid spoilers as much as I could and I succeeded. So I came to the cinema totally clear. When the Star Wars logo appeared and music started playing, the excitement got even bigger.

Now to the movie. After watching it, I went online and read some people’s reactions. And to be honest I agree with some of them.

My first thoughts after the movie? They did not fuck up. It was a Star Wars movie every fan wants to see. It has a villain, a hero, lightsabers. It even has Han Solo, Chewie and Millenium Falcon. What else do we need? Really, that’s what I think. That they did not fuck up. They bet on the right horse. They decided to go with the classic. On the other hand, it was something we have seen before. It was quiet repetitive, just dressed up differently. Darth Vader replaced by Kylo Ren, Death Star replaced by that deadly planet (I’m sorry, does it even have a name?), R2-D2 replaced by BB-8 (I know R2-D2 was there too, but … come on).

Next thing, but not a bad thing. Who is Ren? I have really no idea. I guess it was intention. Of course, there are some hypotheses online. She might be Luke’s daughter or even another Leia’s and Han’s child. I hope we will find out in the next movie.

And lastly, I’m really sorry, but who the fuck chose Adam Driver to play Kylo Ren? It’s not a role for him. When Kylo took of his mask, I was like “Whaaat?”. The role really does not fit him. Dunno why. Sorry Adam.


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