Serious blogging on tumblr?

I’m not a hard blogger (hope I can call myself like this). I don’t post everyday, I don’t watch number of visits everyday. My blogging started on Blogger platform (the one by Google). I have one blog there, nothing super awesome, it’s more “get help” blog, so there are few visitors, but most of them are random people looking for help.

My first post on tumblr hit the floor in may 2013. It was serious one, I wanted to help. The whole blog was made as English version of the one on Blogger (that is not in English). After a while, I started to post little personal stuff. Not like the number of times I went to the toilet. Just stories or photos from my life, that might be interesting. Now I realize, that this was a sign of the idea I wanna talk about right now.

Photo credit

Photos, videos, links. To be honest, I would never post just a photo or link to my blog on Blogger. I still take it more serious than this one on tumblr. I don’t mean it like, haha, tumblr is lame, it’s for kids, let’s post stupid pictures and links to stupid webpages to make it dumb. It’s more friendly for me. It’s like I call Blogger “Hello sir!” but tumblr “Hey, buddy!”. So here, I’m not saying which one is better. I’m just saying that I would never say “What’s up” to my boss, but I would to my friends.

But still, what makes me think, that tumblr doesn’t deserve some interesting and serious posts full of ideas? I’m taking this from my other blog on tumblr (the one that started in 2013). It doesn’t have many posts, around 130. But from all of those posts, the most successful ones – the ones with the the most “notes” (likes and reblogs) – are pictures (static or gifs). That’s first – just picture with tags. Second, most of those pictures contain beautiful and hot girls, chicks, women. The most successful one (more than 5000 notes) is less than 10 seconds long gif picture (the moving one) of a girl (I’m not gonna be more specific). The biggest BOOM around this post has ended, but it still gets some poke from time to time.

From watching all over tumblr, another category in pictures is – of course – “meme”. We all know them, they are everywhere, they are funny, there are on tumblr too and they are still favorite.

Of course, I shouldn’t forget about videos. Most of the time same as pictures, sometimes less favorite.

Just try it yourself. Look at your tumblr Dashboard. What do you see?

Photo credit

Now, I understand, that tumblr was made as “microblogging platform”. So good question would be now, what the hell I’m doing here with this long long loooong jabber. I don’t wanna say, that tumblr is shit and you should leave right now. I just wanna say, that if you want to post meme pictures, naked bodies contorted in the sweet agony of coitus or just micro posts about a huge fart you just made, go ahead! I have done it too (not the farts to be more specific). But if you want to do it other way (wrong obviously) and try it with something longer and maybe more meaningful, take your farts to Twitter and try something that takes you more than 7,328 seconds to posts.


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