I’m trying this again

And what exactly am I trying again? To start a blog. I have tried so many times. And I have always failed. The worst part is that I’m not sure why. Is it because I don’t write in my native language and my English sucks and it hurts your eyes when you read it? Or maybe my posts are boring and nobody cares about them? As I think about it, this is another boring kinda introduction post (I always start with it). The last thing that comes to my mind is this free domain, so nobody even finds this blog. Well, I can try anyway (again).

So what exactly do I want this to be? Not sure again. Personal and techy, I guess. Something from music world, something from movies world. More personal than before. I think I’m still afraid to be more personal. First thing – really small number of people finds this and second … Well I don’t have second. I just sometimes get urge to get it out. And we live in 21st century so what is better way to get it out than post it online on your blog?

As a start I might even put out my old blog posts and post them as new. Who will know?


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